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Understand the true profile of the people within your authority and make decisions accordingly

Welfare Reform changes and the introduction of Universal Credit demand new ways of thinking, posing real challenges to Local and Central Government. Callcredit can assist you to profile and identify the individuals most affected by Welfare Reform, understand the impact at local level, and work with you to refine your approach to those most in need of support and intervention.

By combining our extensive Public Sector experience with technology leadership, Callcredit already with many Local Authorities to turn our powerful segmentation tools into insight, and translate those insights into real world strategies and policies. We can help you allocate resources more fairly, devise communication strategies and target specific segments like the over 55’s age group, stay at home parents or those with children in the home. This ability to segment will allow for meaningful and effective engagement.


  • Understand ability and attitudes for aspects such as technology usage or financial literacy
  • Establish household composition, ethnicity, educational attainment level and age profile
  • Map wider trends like level of home credit usage, household expenditure ratios and direct debit penetration rates
  • Personalise your campaigns and strategies to specific needs and concerns of citizens
  • Select the right channel, with the right message to cut your costs and improve results
  • Aid local planning, such as allocating housing stock or optimum service delivery site points

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