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ThreeSixty Business Rates

Increase revenues, improve collection, and quantify and mitigate risk with the ThreeSixty Connections Business Rates module

Business Rates is the first module to be released from Callcredit's ThreeSixty Connections platform.

The fully hosted web based solution has automated credit reference agency (CRA) integration and includes modelling, data matching and query building, to assist with the administration and collection of Business Rates across your authority.

The solution has been specifically developed to improve five key areas:

  • Maintaining an accurate and up to date valuation list with the ability to identify significant undeclared businesses operating within the Local Authority area.
  • Maintaining an accurate and up to date billing information with the ability to identify, verify and receive alerts for changes which will affect billing, communications or collections and potential fraud warnings.
  • Verifying entitlements to small business and charity reliefs to drive targeted inspections and prevent fraudulent claims.
  • Generating insightful information regarding collectability to power collections forecasting and enable appropriate enforcement decisions with targeted caseload management.
  • Better understanding of financial health and possible risk implications for collections, including alerts and early warning of potential closures, enabling action to be taken to support failing businesses or ensure action is taken to secure payment. 

The module is available in three different categories, with different data items suitable for a number of tasks:

BASIC data featuring name, address, registered number, director and multiple addresses. This level is useful for data cleansing, and identifying and verifying businesses and reliefs.

RISK data contains Aguer score, DBT, Xseption and status. This level enables alerts and forecasting, pre-empting appropriate enforcement decisions.

ANALYTICAL level data features Sic code, employee data and turnover figures. It enables users to understand and analyse the composition of businesses in the area, providing insight into the impact of closures and recessions, and identifying businesses with potential for future growth.

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