Risk Based Verification

With strong indications of a delay in the Universal Credit programme affecting the potential inclusion of housing costs, Local Authorities around the UK are still selecting Intercept RBV for Housing and Council Tax Benefits.

Fully compliant with DWP's HB/CTB S11/2011 guidance and available through all major back office and e-Forms software, Callcredit's solution has already been adopted by over 70 Local Authorities throughout the UK. The solution provides an individual risk rating for all claims, based on the likelihood of it being fraudulent or erroneous. Benefit Officers are then empowered to apply a verification process which is appropriate and proportionate to the risk posed by each claim.

To ensure maximum accuracy for Benefit assessors, Callcredit is now incorporating business intelligence from credit reference agencies to inform the decision making process even further. Using this enhanced data the higher risk claims are automatically exposed to greater scrutiny, increasing the amount of fraud and error detected for those claims.

Callcredit's Intercept RBV supports the current and historic National Benefit Schemas and is:

  • the only solution verified and approved by the DWP - through live trials over three years
  • the only solution proven in live use - now adopted by over 70 Local Authorities
  • the only solution to offer cross-LA claim matching
  • the only solution to utilise a fourth generation risk model tuned to your specific needs
  • the only solution to offer an increased hit rate via instant credit reference data matching
  • the only solution to include an automated monthly reporting functionality to satisfy audit requirements
  • the only solution to be available through all e-form and back office systems

 "Taking this innovative approach to verification has seen improvements in processing times and customer satisfaction whilst continuing to securely protect the public purse."

Callcredit's Risk Based Verification approach can help Local Authorities successfully improve Fraud and Error detection at the Gateway, improve processing times and significantly reduce costs from across the business.

Contact us today to see how your Local Authority can:

  • Reduce the cost of verifying low risk claims by up to 80%
  • Reduce outgoing post by up to 75% and post received by up to 30%
  • Reduce staff hours spent at the customer service counter
  • Improve time taken to process new claims by up to 30%
  • Remove the resource burden for low risk claims and deploy in other value added activities
  • Improve Customer satisfaction by determining and paying benefit quicker
  • Reduce wasted effort on defective claims by up to 25%
  • Identify up to 25% more Fraud and Error at the Gateway 

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