RBV In-Claim

RBV In-Claim is a real-time fraud and error detection and prevention system which profiles the housing benefit caseload by running risk assessments on individual cases to identify the likelihood of fraud or error. This enables better targeting of resources leading to measurable improvements in intervention success.

"RBV In-Claim has made a big impact by enabling us to achieve a significant increase in the number of changes processed. The big benefit for us is real value for money from a more efficient interventions team and a lower processing cost per change."

RBV In-Claim is a secure, hosted, web-based solution which enables local authorities to facilitate prevention and early detection of fraud and error in the Housing Benefits system. The solution uses Single Housing Benefit Extract (SHBE) data to perform complex statistical analysis and produces unrivalled risk assessments on a case by case basis. It constantly reviews and recalculates the risk in order to take account of a claimant's latest circumstances before making it available via a web service for searching and sharing.

RBV In-Claim allows local authorities to organise their caseload according to the likely risk posed, to target specific groups, to identify HB/CTB reductions and increases in line with Right Benefit targets, to automate the intervention creation process and to search across participating local authorities for absconding debtors.


Using Callcredit's RBV In-Claim, Local Authorities are able to:

  • Significantly reduce the time taken to compile intervention lists
  • Access Callcredit's unique Risk Rating to target changes and overpayments
  • Identify the same number of changes using less resource, significantly improving efficiency
  • Identify overpayments earlier, reducing their value and increasing the likelihood of recovery, therefore improving the Local Authority's subsidy position
  • Access intuitive search facilities to complement local knowledge 
  • Significantly improve the effectiveness and reduce costs of targeted duty to notify campaigns
  • Trace debtors who have moved away 
  • Seamlessly integrate with Back Office systems
  • Avoid expensive software installation and hardware cost with a secure hosted system
  • Provide a more cost effective and high performing Housing Benefit Service 

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