“Callcredit have been proactive in identifying how we could make better use of Aspireview, and have loaded the CIPFA 2012-13 Indicators into our Aspireview framework. This has saved us a great deal of time and effort. We have always found their support to be professional, prompt and helpful.”
Andrew Strickland, East Lothian Council

“Given our size as the smallest local authority in Scotland, we have limited resources with which to manage and monitor our strategic planning and performance and risk frameworks. We are already seeing the benefit from the implementation of Aspireview in ensuring the most efficient use of staff time and in enabling such matters to be monitored more easily by managers throughout the Council.”
Andrew Groundwater, Orkney Islands Council

“The training and one-to-one support from Callcredit, and the intuitive nature of Aspireview has led to me gaining both competence and confidence in a short period of time. And, where I find that I need a piece of expert advice, Callcredit’s Support Team are only a phone call or email away, and are happy to help.”
Jim Love, Orkney Islands Council

“Thanks for all the great personalised support in ensuring delivery of HEE's performance reporting solution. I look forward to continuing the journey with Callcredit to deliver future developments.”
Zaheer Mohammed, Business Intelligence Manager, NHS Health Education England

 “We have been impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of the Callcredit team. Callcredit has provided us with great customer service and our implementation team has been flexible to respond to changing customer requirements, often within tight deadlines.”
Helen Bridges, Head of Business Intelligence, Health Education England

“We have made significant efficiency savings estimated to be around six man-days of data and report production time. This means we are now able to more easily meet deadlines for board reports. Aspireview has made a massive difference.”
Tony Sanderson, First Wessex

“I have found the team at Callcredit to be very open, honest and innovative; they are always willing to listen or help; they often provide me with support beyond what I expected. I have no hesitation in recommending the Aspireview product or the Callcredit team.”
Kate Greening, London Borough of Lambeth

“In Callcredit and Aspireview, we saw a company and a product dedicated to performance management with an excellent track record.” 
Mervyn Jones, Yorkshire Housing Group

“Aspireview allows us to create a link to our Web site so that customers will have access to real-time indicators in chart or graph form. Once the performance information is updated in Aspireview the Web site is also automatically refreshed with the new data, thereby reducing time and effort replicating information.”
Sarah Mackie, East Lothian Council

“The opinions of HfH executives and managers on Aspireview have moved over the past year from 'it's interesting' to seeing it as a powerful and valuable set of tools to improve our performance at all levels.”
Pete Davey, Homes for Haringey

“I find it really useful to compare differing Lifeline services with Aspireview's user friendly functionality. I wish we had a year's worth of information on the system so I could reflect back. On the whole, I like Aspireview and can only see it becoming better and even more useful.”
Deputy Director South, Lifeline Project

“We wanted a system that we can use to measure both our own corporate performance and the outcomes of the South Downs National Park Management Plan, which will be delivered in partnership with voluntary organisations, local authorities and many others who live and work in the National Park. We therefore needed something flexible enough to allow our partners to record their performance directly. This system will also allow transparent reporting and benchmarking to support our improvement programme.”
Anne Rehill, South Downs National Park Authority

“The Callcredit implementation team were always available and extremely helpful while we were setting up Aspireview at Raven. They interpreted our requirements well and provided the training we need so we can further develop the system ourselves. They have been a pleasure to work with.”
Jenny Rawlinson, Raven Housing Trust

“The integration of Aspireview to HouseMark eForms will not only save us time in populating the data but also allows us to share benchmarking information with staff and customers in a visually appealing dashboard format, making our performance data much more transparent and accessible.”
Cath Owston, Director of Customer Experience, New Charter Housing Trust

“The simplicity of using the system has meant that managers have liked what they have seen. Benefits to Sentinel include the key corporate documents being in one place, helping to raise awareness as well as improved accountability for delivery.” Damien Ward, Sentinel Housing Association

“The project has been the most collaborative venture that I have experienced in my 20 years in HB/CTB Administration. It successfully united DWP & Local Authorities in a common goal to use statistical information as business intelligence in order to drive performance improvement.”
Performance Manager, East Lothian Council

“After an extensive selection process, we chose Aspireview because of the simplicity and flexibility of the solution. The support we have received to date in designing and implementing the system has been excellent; Callcredit have guided us in specifying the solution to meet our business requirements. We expect to deliver significant productivity gains and greater business insight from our performance data as a result of this collaboration.”
Tony Sanderson, First Wessex

“We have been working with Callcredit to implement a system that will strengthen performance management and planning across our business. We were attracted to Aspireview because of the flexibility offered by the product and the implementation staff. Throughout this process we have been able to work with Callcredit to explain our vision of what we want the system to do for us and to find a way to make Aspireview work for us in this way. Whilst we are still in the early stages of rolling Aspireview out, a genuine openness to our ideas, a willingness to listen and respond to these and the flexibility inherent in the product have helped us to make a lot of progress in delivering something that fits our business in the way in which we had hoped.”
Marc Rostock, North Devon Homes

“After a thorough selection process we chose Aspireview because of its comprehensive functionality displayed in a clear and uncomplicated way. The ability to customise Aspireview to easily meet our ever changing requirements was very appealing.”
Tansy Hepton Yorkshire Housing Group