Risk Management

The fully integrated Risk Management module enables organisations to manage all risk including departmental, strategic and operational risks. The original, current and predictive risk statuses can be captured in the system and displayed as RAG (Red, Amber, and Green) Indicators.

Mitigating action plans and controls can be linked to risks to ensure full risk management is being recorded, updated and analysed. Risk registers can be created and monitored via dashboards and reports. 

Risk Matrices

Risk matrices can be displayed for all risks across the system. These have the ability to be easily tailored to provide the exact dimensions and descriptions required for impact/probability/likelihood, etc. 

Measure, risk and project associations – easily linking up performance information

The 'Associations' functionality within the system allow metrics, measures, priorities, improvement plans, outcomes, objectives, aims, activities, performance indicators, actions and risks to be easily linked where a complete picture of performance is required.  The links created are two-way and items can be linked regardless of where they sit within the performance frameworks.

The Associations function allows all activity contributing to performance at all levels to be jointly reported displaying the overall outcome.  Date based commentary and text can be added to all data items (measures, metrics, risks and actions) and layers in your framework, allowing you to join up any piece of information in the system in one simple to produce report. This report can be exported to Word at the click of a button. 

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