Project Management

The fully integrated Aspireview Project Management module enables users to manage projects and actions against deadlines. The system allows all action, costs, milestones and project information to be captured and a RAG (i.e. Red, Amber, Green) status can be used to track progress for each action.

Projects can be created and monitored using either a simple manual scoring method or a date based 'workflow' style scoring method. With the date based option the system will calculate the RAG and progress status by comparing the forecast and actual performance to the original baseline. The manual option allows the user to determine the RAG and progress status.

Graphical Project Information

Projects can be dragged & dropped onto user dashboards enabling organisations to visually monitor projects using RAG (Red, Amber, and Green) indicators, graphical tables and Gantt charts.

Action and Milestone Monitoring

The optional Smartsheet module allows team members to share and collaborate on specific tasks and projects. People can be invited within and outside your organisation to work on specific project sheets or tasks. The solutions allows you to have all notes, discussions, files and project information in one centralised location accessible across browsers and multiple devices. Real-time collaboration that streamlines communication, empowers teams, and drives efficiencies.

It is also easy to roll up several project sheets into a master document by linking cells across sheets. When the information is updated in the source sheets, the summary sheet is automatically updated.

Two-way integration with Smartsheet enables users to seamlessly drill down from an Aspireview dashboard into Smartsheet to view and update specific project tasks, workflows and milestones, which in turn will automatically update Aspireview dashboards.

Similarly changes to projects made through Aspireview dashboards will automatically appear within Smartsheet projects.  Users can now create and update project plans with the same level of functionality as you would expect from similar specialist project management tools, such as Microsoft Project but with added functionality that enables: 

  • Interactive Gantt charts, tables and calendar views
  • Project teams to share and collaborate on project sheets
  • Publish projects and progress to the web
  • Attach files and notes to projects and tasks
  • Set automated alerts to remind you (and others on your team) about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines
  • Link multiple projects and programmes together
  • Export, print and email

Project Deadlines & Costs

Estimated project dates and costs can be compared to actual dates and costs, enabling organisations to fully manage projects on time and on budget.

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