Performance Management

Aspireview is a fully integrated performance management solution.

Key Features of Aspireview:

  • poor, improving and good performance are quickly highlighted by the RAG status and trend arrows
  • drill down to interrogate performance and find the data items contributing to the overall RAG and trend
  • set and monitor performance against local targets and forecasts
  • use alerts to monitor selected measures, risks and actions
  • monitor business plans, action plans, improvement plans, etc
  • add commentary, information and evidence which explains performance
  • simple reporting through dashboards, reports and business intelligence modules
  • dashboard homepages so that managers can quickly monitor their teams performance
  • benchmarking and collaboration with partners, other teams and Aspireview users

Reducing the cost and burden of reporting

  • capturing data once and use many times
  • trend analysis and data frequencies
  • data automation and simple integration (linking other IT systems to update Aspireview automatically)
  • attributes, queries, alerts, data updates and validation emails
  • notes and comments - complete picture of performance in one place
  • fully multi-lingual

Easy access, navigation and sharing of data

  • fully personalised dashboards
  • navigate around dashboards using 'point and click' functionality
  • simple drill down functionality in frameworks, dashboards and reports
  • homepage dashboards with drag and drop functionality
  • powerful multi-dimensional dashboards
  • outcome focussed dashboards
  • balanced scorecards
  • management and corporate plans and reports
  • data forecasting
  • mobile access
  • active directory/single sign-on
  • GIS mapping (Aspireview Maps)

Collaboration with partners, locally, regionally and nationally

  • sharing, benchmarking and collaborating with partners
  • flexible access and permissions
  • discussion forum and knowledge base

Enhancing accountability and engaging citizens and communities

  • surfacing charts and graphs to internet or intranet
  • exporting on-line dashboards and reports to paper reports for customers and communities

Streamlining regulation and inspection

  • remote access to data and information
  • self-assessment
  • automated / remote submission of data – eForms

Collection & monitoring a range of joined up performance information in one place including PIs, Projects and Risks

  • performance data and frameworks
  • projects management with Aspireview
  • graphical project information
  • action and milestone monitoring
  • project deadlines and cost
  • full risk management
  • risk matrices

“We have made significant efficiency savings estimated to be around six days of data and report production time. This means we are now able to more easily meet deadlines for board reports. It has made a massive difference” Tony Sanderson, First Wessex

“In Callcredit and Aspireview, we saw a company and a product dedicated to performance management with an excellent track record.” Mervyn Jones, Yorkshire Housing Group 

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