Maps (GIS)

Aspireview Maps is the GIS Mapping module, now available to all customers. It allows users to view and analyse the latest performance data from their Aspireview system on a Bing-based map. The module requires no additional pc plug-in and is easily deployed to all end users.

The Maps module gives users the ability to:

  • aspireview mapView organisation's performance data and points of interest on an interactive map, helping others to easily understand and analyse the information.
  • Drill down into areas selected on the map giving users an additional level of information.

  • Gain insight and knowledge on how geographical regions are performing, enabling better decision making.

  • See a time-lapse view of performance trends across geographical areas.

  • Data can be displayed on the map at Local Authority, medium super output area (MSOA) and lower super output area (LSOA) level.  Support of other area boundaries (e.g. wards, estates, community areas, etc.) is also available within the maps function and points of interest can be uploaded for view on the maps.

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