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Aspireview Intelligence™ is an additional module of Aspireview that provides business intelligence capabilities that are integrated with the core Aspireview Performance Management system.  Its key features include:

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  • Integrated performance and business intelligence. Aspireview Intelligence integrates business intelligence analysis at item and transaction level with performance management metrics and dashboards which are ideal for presenting aggregated information.  
  • Ease of use.  As with the entire Aspireview suite of products, Aspireview Intelligence is designed for use by non-technical users with no specific training requirement and no previous experience of performance management or business intelligence tools.  The tool is able to meet the needs of both power-users performing complex queries and infrequent management users.  Information is easy to access and can be presented in a limitless range of graphical or tabular formats and styles, including maps.  All information can be easily printed or exported to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML or Microsoft Word formats. 
  • Integration of data sources.  Regardless of whether information is sourced from one or many different systems, and in what format it is held by each, Aspireview Intelligence enables information to be ‘joined-up’ in a single report or display, for example combining person and property information.  Information from multiple data sources can also be combined with performance data at any level, including metrics, risks and actions.  
  • Quick to implement, ready to evolve.  Aspireview is recognised for its speed of implementation and flexibility to extend as requirements evolve.  An Aspireview Intelligence solution can be quickly up and running, perhaps beginning with a single data source and simple analysis, but extended at any time as required across any number of data sources and highly customised complex bespoke intelligence reports.

“Aspireview has allowed us to create intuitive dashboards and reports which provide reliable key data to all staff. This insight allows us to react quickly to improve services and releases resources for data specialists to perform more bespoke analysis”. Dean Ballard, Head of Performance Excellence, Orbit Services

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