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Transforming services. Maximising income. Increasing revenue. 

We are industry experts in bespoke and targeted solutions for public sector organisations, bringing innovative ‘Big Data’ analytics and business intelligence solutions into everyday use.

Recognised as market leaders, in 2014 Callcredit acquired Coactiva to develop an even wider range of solutions and services. Combining our resources and data matching excellence with Coactiva’s true domain expertise and reach has enabled us to provide our clients with tailored, transformative solutions designed directly in response to issues specific to the public sector domain.

Alongside over 150 local authorities and organisations within central government, social housing, the emergency services, health, and leisure, our combined public sector business has over 23,000 seats across the UK.

With a combination of innovative analytics, software and a true domain of expertise, we provide market leading solutions to enable public sector organisations to prevent fraud and error, increase revenues and help our communities succeed. 

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Our dedicated team of consultants are committed to working with different sectors; our experience of working with Local Authorities, Central Government, Emergency Services and Housing Associations means that we can deliver an effective outcome for both our customers and communities. This expertise combined with our specialist solution set enables our clients to unlock additional insight and maximise value across the business.

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