As experts in regulation, verification and compliance, Callcredit are here to provide you with reliable Business Payment Solutions.

In our technology driven world there are lots of different ways to transfer money from one source to another. The challenge for all these payment methods is ensuring that every payment is efficient, cost effective, transparent and compliant. That's where Callcredit comes in.

We are experts in bank sort code validation and already work with businesses across financial services, retail, gaming, insurance and public sector.

Our solutions will help you to:

  • Increase revenue by accepting more of the right customers
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for manual customer verification
  • Manage regulatory change and compliance
  • Decrease fraud losses through effective customer and payment verification checks

We can help you to grow a cost efficient business with smart, compliant processes and effective fraud prevention strategies.

We have Business Payment Solutions for:

  • Mobile Wallets & E-Money - helping you protect your business finances by instant verification of your customer's identity
  • Prepaid Cards - helping you to reduce the cost of acquisition whilst meeting KYC requirements
  • Acquirers - allowing you to get to know your customers right at the start so you can grow your business with the right kind of people
  • Virtual Currency - helping you to future-proof your business model and prepare for impending legislation
  • Processors - helping you maintain a trouble-free customer journey by supporting acquisition and managing fraud threats

Explore our Business Payment Solutions and decide on the most relevant service via the tabs above. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your business and how we could help.

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