Understanding your customers

How can you attract new customers if you don’t know who your existing ones are?

Our vast range of tools can bestow a strong understanding of the existing customer base, and make it possible to acquire new customers. CAMEO UK is Callcredit's consumer segmentation and profiling tool which can be used to ensure customer insight and aiding the successful acquisition of new customers:

Segmentation and Profiling

Where do they live? What do they look like?

Selection and Targeting

Find the right prospect, with the right offer and right channel. Our accurate and discriminative marketing data allows optimum tracking of transient population and access to the most extensive data on the market. This is key in acquiring new customers, cross selling and upselling to customers of other product groups and reactivating lapsed customers.

Market Assessment

We evaluate the impact of change; new products and brands within the sector. We also tap into research panels such as TGI and YouGov.

Customer Analysis and Modelling

Enhance insight on customers to segment databases to aid acquisition of new customers

Campaign Planning

Different people like to be communicated to in different ways. Define is Callcredit’s UK name and multi-channel address universe. Providers can tailor campaigns to ensure the right channel, message and offer. Callcredit helps Insurers to populate their existing prospect data with more contact channels and can supply prospects with the right channel information from Define.

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