Strategic Planning Solutions for Retail Locations and Marketing

Your best bet for a winning marketing strategy

Getting customers to play on-line, on the move, on the high street and preferably all three together requires thorough planning and insight and a joined up strategy so that each channel complements one another. Our marketing consultants and analysts bring to the table expertise in all areas of marketing planning; from data discovery and the design of integrated on and offline database strategies, through to developing digital campaigns and customer retention, cross-sell and upsell strategies you can bank on.

Your location planning strategy should be based on more than just speculation

We can help you make more informed location planning decisions by bringing together consumer, local area and industry datasets with  cutting edge modeling expertise and global market intelligence software. We'll help you benchmark and increase the performance of your existing shop-based sites, whilst selecting the best sites for growth. By giving you the tools to forecast revenue potential, competitor impacts and own-brand cannibalisation we'll help you make the right call with your investment.

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