Automotive - driving the right deal

Building brand presence and loyalty requires strong distribution strategies, market understanding, effective multi-channel marketing and the ability to provide customers with access to funds to complete the sale.

Our leading edge approach to deploying consumer information enables you to cost effectively identify and convert more new business and optimise your existing customer revenues.

Our automotive solutions help to:

  • Use the Geographical Modelling and Planning (GMAP) approach to develop Vehicle Sales, Service and Parts Distribution network plans and provide insight to help drive distribution strategy across the globe
  • Detect and prevent money laundering
  • Reduce bad debt by carrying out predictive affordability assessment to ensure you know your customers' ability to pay
  • Develop sophisticated decision engines to optimise approvals
  • Continuously monitor vehicle finance customers using daily alerts to find out if their circumstances change
  • Dedicated motor metrics and scoring solutions built specifically for the automotive sector
  • Encourage loyalty by maintaining an accurate¬†database of customers, prospects and vehicles
  • Manage multi-channel engagement programmes for customers and prospects

Our solutions are based around the five stages of the customer lifecycle; plan, acquire, verify, manage and collect.

To find out more about our solutions, please contact us and one of our automotive specialists will contact you shortly.