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With a FREE credit report and FREE credit score from Noddle, you'll be able to get a comprehensive overview of all the information held on your report. This will help you to stay on top of your financial situation and ensure your report and score is in as good a shape as it can be when you want to apply for new products. It can even help you prevent identity theft.

What's more, you can check your credit score free for life - with no 30 day trials and no need to remember to cancel.  It's free and always will be.

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What do Noddle's free credit reports include?

Noddle's comprehensive monthly credit checker provides all the information you need to get an in-depth view of your financial situation by presenting it in a clear, comprehensive way. The report is split into relevant sections and includes the following information:

  • Your Noddle credit rating and score and what it means
  • Your loans, credit cards, mortgages and other credit accounts
  • Six-year payment history
  • Recent search footprints on your file (up to 2 years ago)
  • Addresses you're linked to
  • People you're financially connected to
  • Any bankruptcies, insolvencies or court judgements
  • Registration on the electoral roll

Sample credit report See a sample Noddle Credit Report

So why choose Noddle?

We offer clear, comprehensive free credit reports that help you review your financial situation and the information held on your credit report free for life.

You can access your free credit report and score as often as you want, and to make things even easier we'll email you each month to let you know when your new report is ready for you to check. By checking your report regularly you can make sure that the information on there is correct, and it helps to detect if someone is applying for credit in your name or using your details fraudulently.

And there's no need to wait to see it either - as soon as you sign up you'll have immediate access within minutes - giving you a comprehensive look at your financial passport as soon as you need it.

If you do find any problems on your credit report, you can use our online dispute service to help you correct any errors quickly and simply.  And our dedicated UK customer services team are there to answer your questions or help you with any problems.

Noddle will also help find you the best credit cards and loans based on your credit rating - suggesting the cards and loans you are most likely to be accepted for.

And if you want them, you can also add alerts and ID protection to your Noddle account by signing up for Noddle premium products.

Why should I check my credit report and credit score?

If you ever apply for a loan, mortgage or new credit card, companies will base their decision on your credit history. Noddle will provide you with a credit rating, based on your credit history, which is a score out of 5. The higher your rating, the lower your credit risk and the more likely you are to be able access the best rates available from lenders.

Many factors affect your credit rating and credit score, such as your payment history, previous loans and even whether you're on the electoral register, so it's important to keep regular tabs on it.

But it's not just lenders who use your credit report to make decisions about you. Whether you're looking to take out a new mobile phone contract, pay for your insurance monthly, move jobs or move your utilities provider, your credit rating matters, so it's important to check your credit report and make sure it's in as good a shape as it can be.

With your monthly credit report from Noddle, you can keep a close eye on your financial information and use our expert customer services team to help iron out any problems that are impacting your credit rating. So when the time comes for you to apply for credit, you'll know you've done everything you can to better your chances of getting it.

Sign up for your FREE FOR LIFE credit report and credit score today.

Noddle is a trading name of Callcredit Consumer Limited part of Callcredit Information Group, along with Callcredit Limited, which is one of the three credit reference agencies in the UK.