What are the searches on my credit file?

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  • Can I find out who has searched my credit report?

    Yes, we keep a record of every search made on your Callcredit credit report in the last 24 months and these will be shown in the “Search History” section of your report.

    Searches you request on your own file are not classed as credit searches and are not seen by lenders.

  • Can anyone search my report?

    No, we only allow access to your report in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the industry rules which govern credit reference agencies. These put firm restrictions on who and what information we can provide from your credit report. For example, an organisation which you have applied to for credit may access your information, or on occasion we may be required to provide information to the police or other government agencies.

  • How long are searches kept on my credit report?

    Each time you apply for credit and a lender searches for your credit report, the credit reference agency will keep a record. Callcredit retains a record of all searches for two years. Experian and Equifax retain records of searches for one year. This allows lenders to take account of previous credit searches when you apply for credit. But remember, your report doesn’t show whether or not an application was successful.

  • If there’s a search on my report I know nothing about, what should I do?

    In the first instance, you should contact the company who made the search to ask for further details. The search could be in the name of a company which is the parent company or subsidiary of a company that you may recognise.

    If the company agrees to remove a search they’ll tell us, and we’ll update your report.

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