How do I access my credit report?

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  • How do I get my credit report?

    That's easy. You can get your credit report in one of three ways by going to the Credit Report page.

  • How much does it cost to view my report and score?

    £2 stat report 
    You have the statutory right to access your personal credit information, and Callcredit is permitted under the Data Protection Act 1998 to charge you £2 for fulfilling each request.

    Your Noddle credit report and credit score FREE FOR LIFE. You won’t need to pay anything at any time to see your credit report and score, as long as you remain an active Noddle customer. (Upgrade to add alerts and ID protection if you need them for an additional cost)

  • Why do you need my card details when signing up for my credit report?

    Verifying your card details is part of our identification process to ensure you are who you say you are and only you can access your own credit report. Your credit report contains sensitive personal and financial information and we believe it is important to ensure that nobody other than you can obtain your credit report.

  • Why did I fail the verification process?

    In some cases the card details or personal information supplied when you registered may not match our records, or we may not hold data about you. For security reasons we will be unable to provide your online credit report in these circumstances.  If this happens you can still apply for a £2 statutory report by completing and sending us the application form on the website.

  • How many times can I look at my report?

    You can look at your Noddle credit report as many times as you like without any negative effect on your credit rating, that's why we give you instant access online. You can check your Noddle credit report regularly, just as you'd check your bank statement or your bills. However, most lenders only update their information with us every 4-6 weeks, so you may only see the information on your report update every month.

    The information on a Noddle credit report refreshes every 30 days. 

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