TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

Invest in your Future

Our Core Principles

LogoWe have a fantastic culture – and it’s one of the main things that sets us apart from other employers.

With all the support and training you need to achieve your own personal best, Callcredit truly is a place where the right people flourish in a culture based around our four core principles:

Relentlessly Innovative   Deeply Curious
  • “What will we think of next?” It’s a question we ask ourselves every day.
  • We’re relentlessly innovative – constantly delivering better ways of solving problems and serving clients – from solutions to help them analyse risks to software that leads to smarter decisions and richer customer experiences.
  • Call us “information junkies”. Problem solvers. Hunters and gatherers of insight.
  • We find what truly matters for clients because we are inherently inquisitive. We’re natural born explorers – excavators who know how to extract the most valuable nuggets of insight from terabytes and torrents of data.
  • It’s simply our culture to dig deeper and search harder. That’s why we find patterns that many miss and uncover the risks and opportunities others can’t.
'People, people'   Ironclad Integrity
  • We know that at the start and end of every data point are people with real lives and goals.
  • That knowledge drives everything we do and how we do it.
  • At Callcredit we place as high a value on empathy as we do on talent, expertise and brainpower.
  • We’ve always taken a genuine interest in our clients. Which is why they’ve always valued us.
  • It would be an understatement to say we are a highly dedicated team. We set rigorous performance standards for ourselves – especially in our dealings with others.
  • Words like ‘trust’, transparency’ and ‘integrity’ are fundamental to the way we work.
  • They’re based on a shared belief that our business does best when it does good. Which is how we approach our clients, our community and our colleagues.