About Us

LogoAt Callcredit we empower information by combining data with our suite of software and our analytical capabilities, and help businesses and consumers make more informed, confident decisions.

Providing businesses the tools they need to make sense of their data

With a focus on innovation in the data and insights arena, Callcredit has evolved far beyond just a traditional credit reference agency. Today our goal is to make data, technology and expertise advance business and improves lives.

For businesses we provide data, analytics and software that enable them to build valuable customer relationships. We are experts in managing consumer data for businesses across every sector, around the world. From financial services, retail and utilities to public sector, telecoms, insurance and many more, our focus is on developing innovative products and services to help businesses make smarter decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our leading-edge approach to deploying consumer information enables our clients to effectively identify, engage and convert more new customers whilst optimising the profitability of existing customers.

Helping customers understand and manage their credit score

In addition to working with businesses we also help individuals understand and take control of their own financial status better and empower them to be more confident in the financial decisions they take. In 2011 we launched Noddle (www.noddle.co.uk), the UK’s first free-for-life credit reporting and scoring service. Noddle now has three million customers who use it to understand their credit report and credit score, and protect themselves against fraud and identity theft.

A start-up built on gaining competitive advantage

Callcredit was formed in 2000, out of a business that focused on marketing information and quickly evolved into a challenger to the main credit reference bureaus. Since then we’ve worked with HBOS, HSBC, Lloyds TSB and RBS to launch the over-indebtedness initiative (OII), designed to improve lenders’ understanding of their customers’ indebtedness and ability to repay, enhanced our portfolio by purchasing specialist businesses such DecisionMetrics, numero, Recipero and most recently the Spanish Confirma group of companies, comprising of Confirma Sistemas and Soluciones Confirma, that specialise in fraud prevention and anti-money laundering (AML) software solutions, was acquired, and launched our own consumer offerings such as Noddle that helps individuals to check their credit report and credit score and protect against fraud and identity theft.

We are now the UK’s second largest credit reference agency (CRA) and employ over 1,300 professionals across Leeds, London, Stockport, Warrington and Kent, and have international offices in Spain, the U.S., Japan, China, Dubai and Lithuania, all complemented by agents working across international markets. 

Our team are brought together by four core principles;

  • Being relentlessly innovative. They constantly look for better ways to deliver solutions, solve problems and serve clients
  • They are deeply curious problem solvers. We find what truly matters for clients because we are inherently inquisitive. 
  • Being People ‘people’. We know that at the start and end of every data point are people with real lives and goals. That knowledge drives everything we do and how we do it. 
  • Possessing ironclad integrity. We set rigorous performance standards for ourselves— especially in our dealings with others. Words like ‘trust.’ ‘transparency’ and ‘integrity’ are fundamental to the way we work.

This foundation supports our future ambition; to become the UK leader in consumer insight, decisions and engagement while growing its business and reputation worldwide.

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